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Top 5 African Safaris

Top 5 African Safaris

african elephant with baby on african safarisIf you have never been to Africa and are planning on going, I strongly suggest you think about going on an African safari(s) during your stay. Africa truly has some of the most spectacular, beautiful, and diverse wildlife the world has to offer. You will be able to see wildlife from gorillas to lions and experience landscapes that range from desert plains to lush jungles. These safaris are by no means a cheap adventure, but they are no doubt a life changing experience.

1.)    Duba (Botswana)

Dubas lions are considered to be the biggest in Africa. Duba is known for its 2 famous prides of lions called the Skimmer and Tsoro prides. These prides are famous because of their unusual behavior of hunting during the day and not during night time which is normally never seen in other prides. This obviously provides an amazing spectacle for tourists wanting to watch these lions in action.

2.)    Mundulea Reserve (Namibia)

The Mundulea private game reserve is known for its dense rugged bush and endless rolling hills. This private game reserve is known for its exceptionally knowledgeable resident tour guide who has amazing vision of all aspects of conservation. Visiting Mundulea for nine days would cost you around £2,995 per person which includes return flights, car rental and accommodation.

3.)    The South Luangwa (Zambia)

This is definitely not the most beautiful place on earth, with its unbelievably thick vegetation and weather that can get to over 40 degrees Celsius. This game reserve is known for its outstanding game rangers that have a wealth of knowledge to offer tourists. It might not have the greatest wildlife to offer either but you will struggle to find a better walking safari anywhere else in Africa. These walks normally happen for a few hours a day, with the guides stopping to teach you about any moving creature.

4.)    The Central Kalahari Game Reserve

This game reserve is where you will find all the big-cats. Whether its getting up close to a whole pride of lions or taking photos of leopard’s climbing up trees. You can be sure to see it all in the central Kalahari. The best time to visit is in July when you can see vast quantities of wildebeest and zebra migrating from the Serengeti. The Kalahari truly is mind blowing with regards to its vast quantities of space and boundless savannahs.

5.)    Mosetlha Bush Camp

Mosetltha bush camp is situated four hours away from Johannesburg, and is one of the more affordable safaris in Africa. Their accommodation consists of mainly modest wooden cabins which are both cozy and beautiful. These cabins are also slightly open to the elements which is fantastic for those hot summer days. All meals, walks and game drives are included in one package.

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