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Airline Seat Maps – Key to Travel Comfort

Screaming children kicking your seat, no leg room, waiting forever to exit the aircraft – these issues are all part of the flying experience. While some irritations cannot be prevented, there are a few initiatives you can take to make your flight more enjoyable. With a little research, you can know what to reasonably expect on your flight.

Search Online for Airline Seat Maps

Just as you can look at a map of the stadium when purchasing tickets to a baseball game, there are airline seat maps available for different airlines and aircraft you can reference when purchasing airline tickets. The airline seat map can clue you in to key areas on the plane. In addition, on-board amenities as well as seating reviews are often available. Use your internet search engine and look up “seat map” to get images, descriptions and reviews.

Perhaps you prefer peace and quiet to noise and chatter. While you can’t prevent sitting in front of a crying baby or next to an obnoxious conversationalist, you can avoid the clatter and din of the airplane galley. Use your airline seat map to seat yourself away from the snack and drink cart area where flight attendants will be going back and forth from the whole flight.

Maybe you hate sitting near the restroom. Not only can it be smelly, it is a high traffic area. But perhaps you know you have a tendency to use the commode several times during a flight. A seat close to the restrooms may be an attractive choice. Either way, a seat map of your aircraft can help you achieve just the right balance of bathroom convenience.

If you’re a nervous flyer or if you’re sending your kids across country unattended, seating near the flight attendants can be a great option. Your airline seating map can show you where the flight attendants will be seated when they aren’t carting around drinks or giving safety demonstrations. Perhaps you plan to work during your flight. Seating maps also contain power outlet and internet options information. Sometimes it’s hard to get detailed information from a map or chart. Luckily, many websites that offer airline seating maps also offer airline seating reviews. Misaligned windows, uncomfy seats, and squashed leg room may not be apparent on a seating chart, but can be ascertained from the reviews and opinions of the general flying public.

Knowledge is power, and a seat map and reviews of your airline can get you right up to speed on what to expect of your aircraft before you fly. Don’t let traveling be a hassle. Just as you search for cheap flights, be sure to search for great seats, and enjoy your flight.

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