Tips for Low Cost Travel


  • » to book flights on Sundays as the fares are normally cheaper.
  • » Book your return flight for a date after staying at least one Saturday night.
  • » Book your flights far in advance. Early bookings are generally cheaper.
  • » Fares for off-season flights are generally cheaper.
  • » Flights with multiple stopovers can be a cost-effective way to see many cities and is sometimes cheaper than direct flights.
  • » Spacing your outbound and return flights between 7 and 21 days apart when you select your query usually matches more flight / fare combinations and should give you better pricing on average.
  • » Tell your travel agent about your Voyager miles which may assist in better pricing options.
  • » If you use a credit card, consult your bank about frequent flyer miles.


  • » Select a major city hub as the end destination. This will improve your chances of finding flights and cheaper fares.
  • » Selecting dates 3 months in advance will increase the chances of finding good flights with ample availability and lower fares.
  • » Read the fare Rules! YOU need to ensure that your travelplans adhere to the flight rules. Some fares are ONLY valid if you stay in conjunction with hotels and car rentals. The rules also provide information on cancellation fees and stopover issues.
  • » Fares for off-season flights are generally cheaper.
  • » The flight agent will check your flight request once you have booked online and will be available for any queries you may have regarding fare rules and conditions.
  • » Find out in advance the time-zone for the arrival city, the rules regarding bringing in foreign currency and policies regarding passports and visas.
  • » Let your medical practitioner suggest precautionary medicine if you travel to remote areas.
  • » Clearly mark all clothes and baggage.
  • » Update your insurance to make sure it will cover you for an intended trip.
  • » Ask your bank or travel agent about travellers cheques.